"Black Swamp" is an original game project following Maeko Yoshida, a teminally-ill college student as she's convinced by her friend Armie into signing up for a last-ditch clinical trial. However, within days of the trial's start, Armie is found mysteriously murdered, and the participants are trapped in the hospital with no way out.
The setting of the game is an abandoned Victorian-era hospital deep in Louisiana swampland.
The color palette is cool, featuring murky greens, blues and browns. Red is used sparingly in the design, emphasizing characters with cruel intentions. Stylistic inspiration comes from classic Japanese RPG-Maker horror games, as well as click-and-point visual novels.
Character design lineup - "Black Swamp."
Paint Tool SAI, 2021.

"Maeko" concept art and final design.
Paint Tool SAI, 2018-2020.

"Armie" concept art and final design.
Paint Tool SAI, 2018-2020.

Hospital room sketch and color concepts, with and without "Armie."
Paint Tool SAI, 2020.

"Black Swamp" concept trailer, previously titled "Immemor."
Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop, After Effects, 2020.

Pixel-style rooms created for "Black Swamp" concept trailer.
Paint Tool SAI, 2020.
Concept sketch: front & bird's eye view of hospital (Left). Research images collected for hospital rooms (Right).
Hospital based on "The Old Hospital on College Hill" in Williamson, WV.
Paint Tool SAI, 2020.

Victorian hospital prop and set sketches.

Mock game screenshots and concept designs.
Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop, 2020.
Character and concept illustration.
Paint Tool SAI, 2019.

A collection of concept art and design for various other projects.
Character designs and lineups for various projects.
Paint Tool SAI, 2020-2021.

"Apparition" character design and concept sketch.

"Dungeons & Dragons" campaign character and weapon designs.

Character illustrations
Paint Tool SAI, 2017-2019.

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