Short Film. LGBT+, Romance, Drama. 15 min.
Collin (Joel Sena) lives a simple, disillusioned life as a small-town’s only mechanic. However, his world completely shifts when Roman (Rickard Claeson), the lead singer of touring punk group ‘Antique Failure,’ comes to Collin for help on his broken-down van. The attraction is instant, but in fear of his small, conservative community, Collin must decide between keeping safe, or taking his only chance at love.
DP: Harrison Kraft
Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve

Semi Finalist, Filmmatic Short Screenplay Awards, Los Angeles CA, 2021.
Quarter Finalist, Script and Storyboard Showcase, Los Angeles CA, 2021.
Official Selection, The Cutting Edge International Film Festival, New York NY, 2021.

Official Selection, Montclair Film Festival, Montclair NJ, 2022.
Best Student Film, LGBTQ+ Los Angeles Film Festival, Los Angeles CA, 2022.
Official Selection, Garden State Film Festival, Asbury Park, NJ 2023.

Short Film. LGBT+, Supernatural, Romance, Drama. 11 min.
Heather (Youko Martinez) has turned an abandoned house into a home, along with Eden (Chelsea Marie Logan), a ghost that haunts the upstairs bedroom. The two develop an unconventional love, but their otherworldly bond is threatened when the house is set to be demolished. Unsure of Eden’s fate if the house were to come down, Heather is determined to find a way to summon her ghostly girlfriend and get out before it’s too late.
DP: Harrison Kraft
Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve
"Apparition" is also available as a short game of the same name, based on the film.
Playable on PC, Mac, and in-browser on itch.io.

Award of Merit - "LGBT", Best Shorts Competition, La Jolla CA, 2021.
Award of Merit - "Film Short", Best Shorts Competition, La Jolla CA, 2021.
Official Selection, The East Village Queer Film Festival, New York, NY, 2021.
Official Selection, Queer Global Arts Fest, International Festival, 2021.
Official Selection, Trans Stellar Film Festival, Detroit MI, 2022.

Short Documentary. LGBT+, Current Events, Politics. 5 min.

Four transgender college students describe what it's like to be themselves in the current political climate.
[Currently privated to protect the subjects identities, but can be viewed on request.]

DP: Carter Cavanaugh
Premiere Pro
"THE WEEKEND" (2017)
Short Film. LGBT+, Drama. 10 min.

Cam's (Grey Thurstone) weekend trip gets uncomfortable when his partner, Julian (James Hartman), finds underhanded ways to get Cam's attention to himself.
DP: Harrison Kraft
Premiere Pro
Short Film. LGBT+, Coming Out, Romance. 6 min.

Aaron (Klara Gribetz) must reconcile with her sexual identity, as she compares fellow art student Piper (Michelle Chin) to the paintings she's taken by.
DP: Carter Cavanaugh
Sony Vegas Pro 10
"SØVN" (2015)
Short Film. Drama, Mystery. 5 min.

Laney (Rachael Riker) wakes up in a dreamlike world and journeys to uncover why she's become a part of it.
Co-Director: Rachael Riker
DP: Carter Cavanaugh
Final Cut Pro

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